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DR. ELNOR CASERES ROA, born on September 18, 1963, is a highly capable leader, mentor and researcher who has held many designations, trained young and eager minds, and published numerous research papers in notable journals. She is an engineer by profession but is called to be a teacher and researcher. She is a consistent scholar from undergraduate until doctorate program. She is an MSUAN through and through, since she finished her technology, master’s degree and doctorate degree in MSU-IIT. She graduated Chemical Engineering Technology in the Institute in 1983 as Grant in Aide scholarship grantee and pursued BS Chemical Engineering from Cebu Institute of Technology, Cebu City in 1986 as CIT Partial Scholar. After landing a job in MSU Naawan, she finished her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in MSU-IIT in 1998 and 2011, respectively as DOST-PCASTRD and CHED Scholar.

She holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in Chemistry specializing in heavy metals, which is also the subject of her many research involvements, paper presentation awards, trainings conducted and attended, and professional papers published. She conducted her dissertation in Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia under the CHED scholarship. 

In her 35 years of experience as teacher and researcher, Dr. Roa is known for her calm and endearing demeanor. A multi-awarded presenter and well-published researcher in her field of expertise. All through these years, she has served MSU Naawan as Fisheries Technologist, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Deputy Director for Research, Director for Research, and finally, she was elected by the MSU Board of Regents as the 6th Regular Chancellor of MSU Naawan last July 6, 2018.

Chancellor Elnor C. Roa is currently residing in Naawan, Misamis Oriental with her better half, Prof. Rey L. Roa. They are blessed with two kids, now professionals, Kukok Paolo an IT Chief Technology Officer and Aaron Paolo, a Medical Intern in Northern Mindanao Medical Center. Now, she has one granddaughter. 


Office of International Affairs and Linkages

Director, Office of International Affairs and Linkages

Rey Y. Capangpangan is a Chemistry Professor at MSU-Naawan, specializing in the wide applications of nanotechnology and Material Science. His research interests are in areas of synthesis, characterization, and applications (biomedical and environmental) of various polymers and nanomaterials. Dr. Capangpangan received his BS in Chemistry from MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) and MS in Chemistry from the University of the Philippines (UP)-Diliman. He received his doctorate degree in Chemistry (Molecular Science and Technology) from National Tsing Hua University-Academia Sinica, Taiwan under the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP). Dr. Capangpangan is able to publish several scientific papers in ISI/Scopus indexed journals. He also received numerous awards, including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Research, Presidential Award for Excellence in Resource Generation, Outstanding Faculty, and National Awardee (PCHRD-NHRS), among others. He also received a Research Fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He is actively involved in mentoring young researchers and is the founding head of the nanoCORE Lab (@MSU Naawan) and the Material Science and Polymer Chemistry Laboratory (situated at CSU). 




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